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Publishing and Digital Strategies

Anthem Program

A hybrid of traditional and “Next Gen” publishing and distribution for authors seeking more control of their books in the marketplace. This program offers freedom from the constraints of traditional publishing, particularly the long wait for royalties (which can take up to 1.5 years after a sale is made, yet remain subject to arbitrary store returns). The hard reality of the traditional book market is that authors typically make better sales outside of bookstores, especially poets and writers typically underrepresented in the marketplace. The Anthem Program has developed a successful strategy that overcomes these barriers by maximizing and accelerating sales via a strategic combination of traditional and nontraditional methods.

ANTHEM Program Details

Joining the Anthem Program affords authors the following benefits:

  • Direct input over when, where, and how your books are sold, in traditional and non-traditional outlets alike
  • Faster sales reporting
  • Ability to order books for yourself at an “at cost” rate, in quantities as few as 10 copies; quick turnaround for reorders
  • Enhanced credibility by belonging to the Aquarius Press imprint
  • Ability to keep your book plugged into both traditional and nontraditional sales channels
  • Opportunities for representation via Aquarius at trade shows, conferences, and conventions
  • Participation in Aquarius Press’s vast marketing network and catalogs
  • You retain all copyrights to your work at all times
  • Anthem works with you as a full partner on every aspect of your book’s production
  • Special discounts on book design and printing

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