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Letters That Moved My Father by Romayne Kazmer

Letters That Moved My Father (2020)

by Romayne Kazmer

Available on AMAZON

This book is dedicated to my father, who was so moved by the letters I wrote home from my year abroad that he saved them in his safety deposit box…That is where they were found when he died in 1970.

from the Preface
Author and International Travel Consultant Romayne Kazmer

The Story Behind My Adventures

Having just finished reading Bill Clinton’s book wherein he says that everyone has a story, I realize I too have a story. The story I am going to tell you is the year that changed my life. It is the year I can recount to you because my father saved all the letters I wrote home from my year studying abroad in Switzerland and Norway. My father was a hard working successful businessman and not the type to show much emotion over the normal events of my life but these letters touched him. After I returned home his friends would relate to me the events that I had experienced in Europe as told to them by my father. When he died my letters were found in his safety deposit box.

Where do I begin? In 1959 as a sophomore at the University of Colorado, I was home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois for Christmas break. During this vacation, while in the shoe department in Marshall Fields in Oak Park, Illinois, I met some nuns from Rosary College nearby. Rosary College was one of the few schools that had student exchange programs in Europe at that time. They told me about their program abroad for college students. I was fascinated by the program and wanted to go. Where did this decision come from I do not know. Neither of my parents, relatives or friends had ever been to Europe at that time or was planning to go. I grew up in a typical Midwestern town where I was unaware of racial or ethnic differences. To me people were all pretty much the same. Through political connections of my mother’s I was able to find a space in this program. I was destined to go.

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